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Traverse City Drivers Face Treacherous Conditions

Plenty of drivers across Northern Michigan are dealing with some treacherous conditions just as they head home from work.

US 31 in Traverse City is looking pretty slick.

Now many drivers heading home from work are hitting the roads, but counties in the area say they are working hard to make sure roads are clear and ready to go.

We’ve talked to some drivers heading home from work. They say it’s important to slow down.

Many roads have areas of slush, making it very slick in some spots, but the highways are looking OK at this point.

Many drivers say they prepare for storms and winter weather like this.

They say in Northern Michigan you have to have your car prepared.

Most carry extra supplies in their car in case of emergencies.

“Extra gloves, your hat, mittens, anything in between,” says Noah Dobler, Down to Earth Outdoor Services. “Absolute necessities.”

Drivers say they hope people slow down and keep their headlights on as they head home from work.

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