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Pizza Delivery Drivers Battle Slick, Snow Covered Roads

Promo Image: Pizza Delivery Drivers Battle Slick, Snow Covered Roads

Roads were slick out there on Thursday night.

And for some drivers, it’s been a challenge.

Continuing our team weather coverage, 9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist John Harrington found out why a local pizza shop took many of their drivers off the road.

The snow in Northern Michigan made for dangerous road conditions for many on Thursday night, including those who are making deliveries.

“There was a lot of snow definitely. Every road feels like just complete ice,” says That’sa Pizza delivery driver, Ray McLaughlin.

That’sa Pizza on Long Lake Road in Traverse City had a busy night of deliveries.

McLaughlin continues, “I came in today and 5 or 6 deliveries were just waiting on me and it was pretty nuts.”

But slick roads made delivering pizzas a challenge.

In one area the roads may not seem bad, but just a few miles down the road the snow may be really coming down.

“Trying to drive up South Airport Road and I got stuck for 5 minutes just sliding, and I slid back down,” he says of his time out on the roads Thursday night. He continues,” The roads are really bad and we don’t like to have a bunch of people out.”

That’sa Pizza says keeping their drivers safe is important, so they cut back on the number of people delivering.

“We still have one or two people that will deliver but it’s just crazy out here,” McLaughlin says. “When it’s dark, you can’t really see the numbers on the houses unless you turn on your bright lights and see them. But when it’s blizzarding, you can’t see anything,” he continues.

Ray McLaughlin was out delivering Thursday night and took things nice and slow.

“Drive as slow as humanely possible without stopping,” he says, giving his best advice on how to handle the roads.

And snow plow companies say that’s the best way to handle roads on a night like Thursday evening.

“I think the biggest thing is everyone is in such a hurry, if they just slow down a little bit and handle what northern Michigan is giving us,” says Noah Dobler, owner of Down To Earth Outdoor Services.