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Presidential Recount Ends in Michigan

Promo Image: Presidential Recount Ends in Michigan

Northern Michigan’s News Leader just learned that a Federal judge lifted the order that allowed Michigan’s recount.

The end of the recount is effective immediately. 

Judge Mark Goldsmith called a hearing for 10:30 Wednesday morning to consider whether the state’s presidential recount should continue.

Green Party candidate, Jill Stein initially requested the recount because of what she calls irregularities and hacks.

The state appeals court said Stein isn’t eligible to seek a recount under state law because she only got 1 percent of Michigan’s vote and can’t win with a recount. 

After initially ruling to let the recount continue, Judge Mark Goldsmith changed his decision Wednesday, giving this statement:

"The vulnerability of our system of voting poses the threat of a potentially devastating attack on the integrity of our election system. But…seeking a recount as an audit of the election… would require evidence of significant fraud or mistake – and not speculative fear of them. Such evidence has not been presented here."

Stein is appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court.

The Secretary of State says the recount had a $5 million price tag.

Three days after the recount began, more than 20 counties started recounting ballots with some already finished.