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Body Found In Boyne City

Promo Image: Body Found In Boyne City

A neighbor discovered a man’s body in a Charlevoix County yard.

Police are now saying it was an accidental death.

Police say the body found off Park and Pine streets in Boyne City appeared to be a man with a head injury.

Dale Henderson lives next door and found the body just after noon.

Henderson says he was heading out his back door when something caught his eye.

He walked closer and found the man dead, without a shirt or shoes on.

“At first I was pretty jittery. Frankly, my hands were shaking. This is a startling thing, not many of us ever get the opportunity to discover a dead body. It was surreal. I didn’t believe it at first, I wanted to not believe it,” says Henderson.

Police say an autopsy is being done to find the man’s exact cause of death.