Marion Public Schools Weigh-In on M-STEP Results, Preparing for Next Test

“We are all teachers together, so it’s a really good reflection of us, as a team,” says Superintendent Mort Meier, Marion Public Schools.

The second ever M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress) test complete in schools across Michigan.

Now teachers in Northern Michigan are getting ready for the next wave.

By looking at the scores, teachers can see what is going well and what might need some work.

Across the board, many schools saw high scores in reading and language arts.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Derrick Larr traveled to Marion for a local school’s reaction to the results as they prepare for the next test.


Results from last spring’s M-STEP are still showing schools like Marion Public School what they are doing the best.

“You have good years, you have bad years,” Meier says. “This class rose to the occasion."

Two M-STEPs behind them…another two incoming.

Meier says the results show his students are one of the best in the states.

“The M-STEP is a good way of looking at student achievement, in my opinion,” Meier says. “I think it’s a good reflection of how a school system is functioning. Any one teacher, we are all teachers together, so it’s a really good reflection of us, as a team."

Marion’s third grade reading scores were some of the highest in the state: 71-percent proficient in reading and language arts.

“We’ve got a lot of talent down here in Marion and the kids showed it,” Meier says.

“It certainly lets us know as a school and a grade level and as an individual teacher if we are on the right track in teaching what we are supposed to be teaching,” says Jill Quist, 3rd Grade teacher in Marion.

Teachers like Jill Quist says these scores can help them figure out what they are doing well…and new ways to help improve.

“We have chrome books one on one in our classroom, so we do lots of activities with that that are not always tied to reading, but certainly navigating a computer,” Quist says.

As for the test’s future…that’s still in the works.

“It’s been a moving target. It used to be the MEAP. Now it’s the M-STEP,” Meier says. “I hear from legislators is potentially M-STEP will be gone the year after next, so, despite all those things, I still find a credibility in the MEAP and in the M-STEP and we use it to better educate our kids."

Teachers are preparing for the third M-STEP…which will take place over two weeks in spring next year.