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Preparing for Driving Out on the Roads This Winter

Promo Image: Preparing for Driving Out on the Roads This Winter

With snow in the forecast, some reminders about driving through a Northern Michigan winter.

A local towing company says there are ways to be prepared for almost anything.

Continuing our team weather coverage, 9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist John Harrington found out some ways to be ready for slick roads.

Winter months are an extremely busy season for towing companies like Brickyard, but they say there are things you can do to stay safe out on the roads.

“Statistics show that if you’re well prepared the chances of something happening is a lot less,” says Greg Nienhouse, the owner of Brickyard Towing

Greg Nienhouse of Brickyard Towing in Traverse City says being prepared is the key to staying safe this winter.

Nienhouse goes on, “Inspect your wipers. If you’ve got wipers that are looking pretty shabby, go to one that is flexible that will repel the snow and water off.” He continues, “You want to make sure you brush your taillights off often, so people can tell which way you are turning or stopping.”

The Kalkaska Police Department says clearing off your entire car makes you most visible to others on the road.

“If you can try wiping your whole car off when you first start off. Obviously blizzards happen, your car will get covered but try to keep it as clear as possible,” says Sgt. Blake Huff.

A number one priority should always be taking extra time to get somewhere.

“If its slippery out, slow down, take your time, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes to drive,” continues Sgt. Huff.

And pack a blanket, snow boots, gloves, a candle, and even a small snack in your car.

Sgt. Huff continues, “Get an emergency kit, something that has a flashlight, vest, warm clothing in case you are stranded.”

Having a bag packed can be a lifesaver in the case of an emergency.