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Kalkaska Pet Pantry Needs Holiday Donations

Promo Image: Kalkaska Pet Pantry Needs Holiday Donations

A local pet pantry that helps animals in need is looking for help as the holidays creep closer.  

The Northwoods Pet Pantry in Kalkaska helps rescue animals in need of love, and helps pet owners who are having trouble making ends meet get pet food.

That’s why they’re asking the community to pitch in and help out with purchasing animal food over the holidays.

Timothy Graham says the pantry’s been a life-saver for him in the past.

“Every now and then I run short on food, and it’s just a good place to go to when you’re running low on food you know. Dogs are just like human beings, they gotta eat too,” said Dog Owner Timothy Graham. “I mean, they deserve something good too don’t they?”

To contact the pet pantry, please call Shannon at 231-944-4360.