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Meth Lab Found In Car In Clare

Promo Image: Meth Lab Found In Car In Clare

A car was pulled over Friday morning in Clare, and it’s what police found inside that has people living in the area, concerned.

Police say when they pulled the car over near Cour and Wheaton Streets, they noticed a strange odor coming from inside the car.

They say inside the car was a meth lab.

“I’ve got a circus out here, fire truck, 20 something people out here blocking off the roads, won’t let anyone come in or out, could of been a meth lab could of been a bomb, could of been anything stupid,” says Wayne Jenkins, nearby resident.

That’s what Wayne Jenkins and his family saw Friday morning when they looked out their window at their home in Clare.

Wayne shot a video.

They found out later police had stopped a car with a meth lab inside.

“There’s some chemicals over here that could blow up, maybe you don’t want to come outside right now, keep your children in the house. It was a little frustrating that they wouldn’t communicate with me in any way,” says Jenkins.

The driver was arrested, but neighbors say police and firefighters were on the scene for hours cleaning the meth lab up.

Clare County Sheriff John Wilson says anytime law enforcement responds to a meth lab, it’s dangerous. But, there’s even more they have to be careful with when there’s one found in a car.

“It’s very dangerous, if you think of it, if they use the one pot method and there’s chemicals and there’s fumes coming off from that and now you’re in an enclosed vehicle, it’s winter time, your windows are rolled up, your heats on, your running it though your car system, and hopefully they are not doing it when child,” says Wilson.

As for Wayne and his family, he’s glad to see more drugs taken off the streets and wants them to stay out of the community.

“It was upsetting mainly because we’re in a nice little neighborhood. I don’t know the radius of the blast when it explodes, apparently they took him straight to the hospital for decontamination, so I’m assuming it would be somewhat dangerous,” says Jenkins.