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Man Shot By Trooper In Chippewa County Charged With Attempted Murder

A man shot by a state trooper in Chippewa County has been charged with trying to kill officers.

It happened last Monday on M-28, west of M-123 in Hulbert, when two troopers and a deputy were called to a house for a domestic dispute.

When they got there, they say Joshua Stead took off in his truck, led police on a chase, and eventually rammed into a patrol car, hurting one trooper.

Another trooper shot Stead, when they say he came at them again on foot.

Stead was arraigned over video link from his hospital bed, still recovering from gunshot wounds.

The county prosecutor says everyone handled the incident correctly.

“From my viewing of in-car cameras and that type of thing, I think all the officers involved acted in a very professional manner and after the shooting they rendered aid to the defendant at the scene before EMS or anyone else was involved,” says Chippewa County Prosecutor Dennis McShane.

Stead is now charged with three counts of attempted murder, resisting an officer, destruction of police property and running from police.

The trooper who shot stead is still on administrative leave for firing his gun.     

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