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Grand Traverse County Dealership Reacts To Ford Recall

Promo Image: Grand Traverse County Dealership Reacts To Ford Recall

Hundreds of thousands of Ford Sedans are being recalled, the seat belts inside may not be able to keep you safe.

Ford is worried heat could cause cables to break that are connected to seat belts.

In about 680,000 cars.

If those cables snap the seat belts might not hold the people using them in the event of a crash.

Specifically 2013-2016 Ford Fusions.

The 2013 through 2015 Lincoln MKZ.

And the 2015-2016 Ford Mondeo.

So far, there are 2 known injuries.

And the recall begins on January 16th.

We talked to some local dealerships about what to do if you drive one of these models.

"If Ford Motor Company in their letter to you says not to drive it then don’t drive it, but if they say you can contact our dealer of the parts need to be replaced then do it. But if they don’t put any measure in the bulletin that’s gets mailed then they should be able to drive the car," said Steve Gloshen.

"If it’s going to be tied up in the shop for awhile I’m hoping they’ll provide me some sort of transportation, because I can’t do my job without my car so that’s my biggest concern right now," said Chris Natzel.

Chris Natzel drives his 2015 Ford Fusion as far as Big Rapids from Traverse City for work. He just found out about the recall. And even though he plans to still drive it if he can, he’s worried about what would happen if he gets in a crash.

"Safety is going to be the biggest concern for anyone. If I get in a crash I would hope the seat belt would help me survive the crash not further impact the damage so I am concerned," said Chris Natzel.

So far Fox Grand Traverse hasn’t had anyone come in with faulty seat belt cables. But they say if people are worried they can schedule an appointment.

"We can look at the cable and again all we can do is inspect it based on what we know about the part right now. So if there’s something there that’s messed with the integrity of the engineering we can look at it and at least make a determination to be safe," said Steve.