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WANTED: Joseph Fellows

With thousands of fugitives living in Northern Michigan, there is just one task force to track them down. They need tips from viewers like you that can help them. 

This elite four person team covers 33 counties in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

At this very moment, they need your help tracking down one of their most wanted, Joseph Fellows.

9&10’s Katie Boomgaard sat down with Detective Kevin Hansz with the Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force based in Northern Michigan. He sheds some light on Fellow’s criminal past and how important it is to catch him.

"They will mess up, they will. Eventually they’re either going to get too bold in doing something, they’re egos going to get away with it," says D/Sgt. Kevin Hansz.

The Michigan State Police Fugitive Task Force preys off of the fugitive’s simple mistakes and say the hunt for them is a dangerous game. "I think it’s kind of like a cat and mouse type of a game. There are games that in trying different things, trying to involve different people to hide them out and every time that a person is wanted and captured, they learn how not to be captured the next time. And so it is kind of a game," says D/Sgt. Hansz, "Unfortunately what happens is they bring a lot of innocent people into that game they’ve chosen to play."

And in Joseph Fellows case, the Task Force believes there are innocent people who are helping him hide that don’t realize he’s on the run and very dangerous. "Again, I believe there are innocent people that are helping him, innocent meaning they don’t know that he’s wanted and they don’t know that potential trouble could come to them by helping him," says D/Sgt. Hansz.

Fellows is wanted for various drug offenses from late July of this year and violently assaulting someone. The Task Force says he has close ties in Wexford and Manistee county. "We do go into area where he’s been known to live and previous and come back and forth to. We show pictures to various people so if they do know him, recognize him, see him, we try to gather information that way," says D/Sgt. Hansz.

And right now, their main focus is to not give up and track him down before things go sour once again. D/Sgt. Hansz says, "I believe that he’s working but I believe that he’s working for cash and so that’s difficult to track. With that being said, if an investigation does go stale, we just try to keep turning over rocks to see if there’s any new information, any new sightings or anything that we can try to follow up on. We will find him and it’s just a matter of time. The next time he won’t be caught that way though."

Joseph Fellows is described to be a white male, 6 feet tall, weighing about 170 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. The Fugitive Task Force believes he could be in Wexford or Manistee county and is wanted for drug charges, assault, drunk driving and child support. 

If you have any information on where he could be, you’re asked to contact the Fugitive Tip Line at 989-705-3808.

Next Thursday on 9&10 News at 5, we will introduce you to Charles Wooliver, a man who has been on the run twice in two years. The crimes he’s committed that considers him armed and dangerous. 

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