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Troopers Investigating Otsego County Break-In

Promo Image: Troopers Investigating Otsego County Break-In

State police are investigating a break-in in Otsego County right now, and it’s leading them to some unexpected places.    

Troopers were called to the scene Tuesday night in Elmira Township.

They say the homeowner found his pick-up, TV and a roommate’s laptop stolen.

Police found the stolen truck downstate after it was involved in a crash in Troy.

Police there say two people ran from the wreck.

Officers were able to arrest the driver from Petoskey.

He’s been charged in Oakland County with stealing, not having a license and leaving the scene of an accident.

He is also now awaiting charges in Otsego County.

Troopers also got a tip they say is from the girlfriend of another suspect, saying their boyfriend had stolen a TV and sold it at a pawn shop in Grand Traverse County.

They are still looking for that suspect.