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Roscommon Co. Sheriff’s Office Offers Program To Help Keep Seasonal Homes Safe

Promo Image: Roscommon Co. Sheriff’s Office Offers Program To Help Keep Seasonal Homes Safe

A break-in investigation continues in Roscommon County.

Deputies say there are more than a dozen victims.

The thieves got away with priceless family heirlooms, television sets and even pillows off of beds.

State police say the break-ins happened in Denton Township near Houghton Lake in Roscommon County.

Deputies say at least 13 homeowners may be victims.

One victim says someone forced their way into his garage and stole thousands of dollars in tools and equipment.

Another homeowner is missing his mother’s wedding rings and his father-in-law’s guns.         

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office has a program to help anyone keep their house safe while they’re gone for the season or on vacation.

Deputies will go out to your house once a week to make sure no one has broken into your home.

They check all the doors and windows to make sure they are still locked.

The sheriff says they do property checks in the area where the recent break-ins happened.

They believe it prevented those homeowners from becoming victims.

 “If you plan on going on vacation for a couple weeks, if you are not a snowbird but you are leaving for spring break or whatever the case may be, we encourage people to contact us and let us know that they are leaving and fill out one of these forms so that we can keep an eye on their property for them,” says Sheriff Ed Stern.

To download the paperwork for the property checks in Roscommon County, click