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Benzonia Man Officially Charged With Armed Robbery

Promo Image: Benzonia Man Officially Charged With Armed Robbery

“I’m not able to get my case out. I’ve got a million dollar bond on me for a car theft… I was set up for that,” says William Minore.

Words from William Minore after he was officially charged with robbing a bank with a gun.

Minore is charges with armed robbery and felony firearm.

Wednesday, investigators said they were able to connect Minore to the Huntington Bank robbery in Empire.

He is being held on a one million dollar cash bond.

Investigators say surveillance video and voice analysis on 911 calls link him to the crime.

But Minore’s attorney argues otherwise.

“They would always argue ‘well it kind of looks like him, or maybe the gun appeared to be one he might of owned,’ so it’s really circumstantial from my perspective and they really don’t have any hard evidence,” says William Burdette, Minore’s attorney.

Minore still faces charges of stealing a car in Glen Arbor the same day as the robbery.

He will be back in court later this month.