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Clare Store Robbed At Gun Point

Promo Image: Clare Store Robbed At Gun Point

Two employees at a Clare store are okay, they were robbed at gunpoint Monday night.

Police say they caught two suspects. 

It all started when a manager and worker were leaving the store.

It happened just after 7:30 Monday night in the parking lot of the Dollar Daze store in Clare.

Clare City Police say one of the robbers punched the employee in the head and the other had a gun.

They say the two got away with a bank bag from the store manager.

Ten minutes later, officers pulled over a car.

A passenger ran away.

Social media tips led them to Robert Wagner in in Midland County.

They arrested him Tuesday morning.

Soon after, they arrested their second suspect.                     

9&10’s Taylor Jones was at the store Tuesday talking to management.

Two employees at the Dollar Daze in Clare are okay after being robbed at gun point.

But, the robbery’s shaken up everyone who works there.

“Their safety is my number one concern,” says Store Manager, John Vanantwerp.

A store manager thankful his employees are safe, after one was hit in the head and the other had a gun pointed at them.

“It’s terrifying, I mean this time of year brings people out of the wood work I guess, I don’t know why someone would risk their life in prison for a money bag,” says Vanantwerp.

Both employees were leaving out of the back door to go home when two masked people came out behind the wall. One had a gun.

Store manager John feels the exit to the store is not in a safe location. After this incident, they are discussing new ways to ensure safety for Dollar Daze workers.

“We are going to have a store wide meeting, we will go over safety precautions, a different point of entry and exit for our staff and there’s going to be a whole procedure that we’re going to work with the owners and the upper management. If there’s a code word or anything like that everyone would know in the whole company,” says Vanantwerp.

It’s been a scary 24 hours. But they are happy no one was hurt.

“We’re a big family here and I just hate to see anybody go through that,” says Vanantwerp.

Police say the gun turned out to be a starter pistol which only fires blanks, but it still constitutes armed robbery.

 Both suspects are expected to be arraigned tomorrow morning.