UPDATE: Suspect in Clare Robbery in Custody

9:20am UPDATE:

Clare City Police say they’ve caught a man wanted in questioning for a robbery that happened Monday night at the Dollar Daze in Clare.

Police are thanking the public for all of their help.

We’re working to bring you more information and will keep you updated here online and today on 9&10 News at Noon.

Clare City Police are searching for two people involved in an armed robbery.

They got the call around 7:30 Monday night that the Dollar Daze in Clare got robbed.

“Right now, we are actively looking at different leads we have information from different people,” said Clare City Police Chief David Saad.

Police in Clare are now combing different places, trying to find two people who robbed the Clare Dollar Daze.

“One firearm was reportedly seen by a manager of the store. She was also minorly assaulted by one of the people and went to the Clare hospital for treatment for minor injuries.”

The suspects took off with an unknown amount of cash and a money bag.

One of the suspects ram off, while the other called a friend for a ride.

Police say they then stopped a car at Ann Arbor Trail and Fifth Street. They say the driver didn’t know what was going on but the passenger, Robert Wagner who is wanted for questioning, ran away.

“Mr. Wagner and the other person are considered to be armed and dangerous so we want to make sure everyone is safe, proper protocol is followed and to make sure people making the call are OK.”

Police searched the area looking for the two suspects involved in the robbery.

“They ended up knocking on my door and wanting to search my house," said Angel Miste, a nearby resident. "I let them in. They didn’t find anyone, just me and my boyfriend, and they left."

But even with Monday night’s robbery, Angel says she isn’t nervous to work the night shift.

“Cops are going to go by a couple times a night," Miste said. "I really wouldn’t have to worry about it. I constantly have customers coming in and out.”

If you have any information about this robbery, you’re asked to call Clare City Police at 989-386-2121.