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Chippewa Co. Seeing Mild Temperatures, Easier on Snow Removal

Promo Image: Chippewa Co. Seeing Mild Temperatures, Easier on Snow Removal

While some people are itching to see temperatures drop and snow start flying, those who have to clean it up in Chippewa County are enjoying these mild conditions.

9 & 10’s Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik have details on the positive side of this warmer weather.

"Typically by this time we’ve got some snow on the ground," Chippewa County Road Commission superintendent and manager Robert Laitinen said.

This time just two years ago, Sault Ste. Marie broke the record for snow fall in November, but Tuesday there’s no snow to be seen. 

"We typically expect November to be a busy month," Laitinen said. "It’s those fringe events. There’s a lot of slush, freezing rain-type events usually and you can get some significant snow."

The Chippewa County Road Commission has been using the mild weather to catch up on maintenance projects that would normally be put on hold.

"The guys are working a lot on getting them greased up and fixing little odds and ends that they’ve wanted fixed," Laitinen said. "Some things get overlooked when you’re busy, so it’s a nice opportunity to catch up on a lot of stuff."

The Sault Ste. Marie Housing Commission says it’s great for them too.

They house 120 seniors and heavy snow creates a lot of work to make sure everyone stays safe.

"It’s great for my maintenance staff," Sault Ste. Marie Housing Commission executive director Linda LaFord said. "They love every moment of it. No calls, no trips, no falls, no sanding, no salting."

It saves a lot of money.

"We got our salt yesterday, 100 bags, and I hope that doesn’t jinx us, but we’ve got 100 bags," I hope we don’t have to use them," Sault Ste. Marie Housing Commission maintenance supervisor Steven Dale said.

"Each truck on a day of plowing can burn upwards of 80 to 90 gallons of fuel per day times 60 trucks on the road," Laitinen said. "That’s a pretty expensive day."