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Propane Suppliers Prepare For Heating Homes During Winter

Promo Image: Propane Suppliers Prepare For Heating Homes During Winter

When the cold gets here, and the cold will get here, we’ll all need to turn up the heat.

For many that means propane.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood caught up with a supplier, and found what happens when you can’t afford to fill your tank.

As months begin to get colder in Northern Michigan, many are turning to their thermostats.

“It’s been a slow start to the heating season,” says Todd Guernsey.

Stevens Propane in Maple City has had more people calling to have their propane tanks refilled.

“We’re just waiting on the weather. A lot of customers that would normally have their tanks filled haven’t yet but as soon as the cold weather hits that will change things in a hurry,” continues Todd Guernsey, owner and operator with Steven’s Propane in Maple City.

They say now is the best time because once the snow hits, their phones start ringing off the hook.

Guernsey goes on, “Normally we’ll get a lot of calls in a short time, and people that have been kind of waiting all of a sudden get motivated when they see those temperatures drop and that snow start to fall.”

For some families though, winter months can be a struggle financially. Steven’s propane says they do their best to help out where they can.

“We have several payment options, budget payments and different things. It can be tough for a lot of folks so certainly we want to do everything we can,” Todd Guernsey goes on to say.

And groups like The Father Fred Foundation can step in with heating assistance too, but they also provide winter coats and food so more families can afford their heating bills.

“Being able to offer some food, maybe a winter coat or an assist with some boots makes a huge difference to a lot of the families. That can save hundreds of dollars for our families and that’s money that can go towards their rent or towards their heat bill or towards their electric bill,” says executive director of The Father Fred Foundation, Deb Hasse.