Lake Superior State University Accepting Submissions For 2016 Banished Words List

Misuse, overuse or general uselessness.

It’s time to submit the words you would love to see on Lake Superior State University’s 2016 word banishment list.

The world famous list is put together every year by staff at Lake Superior State.

A couple of highlights from the past?

Last year, "bae" topped the list.

In 2014, we saw words like "selfie" and "twerk” or “twerking."

Back in 2006, “git-er-done” was on the list, and in 1976, the first year the list was published, "macho" and "at this point in time" were some of the top entries.

Each year, they sift through thousands of submissions.

Your nominations can easily be submitted online, where you can also view lists from years past.

We’ll bring you the 2016 version once it’s released on New Year’s Eve.