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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Future Muscle Cars

Jack’s Journal: Future Muscle Cars

It all started with the Mustang, hitting a cord with the car buying public. The Camaro and Barracuda were all in the game, becoming beloved, from an era of fast powerful, affordable cars. So, in 2016, is the muscle car era a thing of the past?

“Fifty years later, if someone asks the question of when was the heyday of muscle cars, honestly, it’s right now. If you look at the power, the output, it’s tremendous. You can get up to 700 horsepower in an American built muscle car,” says Jonathan Klinger.

The grandkids of the originals are world class in design and engineering. The Mustang, Camaro 50th anniversary edition and the Challenger Hellcat with 770 horsepower are muscle cars of the 21st century. Being announced in recent weeks is the news that Camaro is coming out with a bigger engine yet. 2017 will announce the Fireball with 990 horsepower! The muscle car war is far from calling a truce.

So where are we headed with driverless cars a big thing now, will we see the sun setting on the muscle car?

“How does performance live in an autonomous vehicle world? So that’s gonna be an interesting aspect to watch, as time goes on and the auto industry continues to evolve,” says Klinger.

Will a new generation forfeit the fun of power and the wind in your face? 

These grandkids are fun, they evoke memories of the classics and with huge power. To the fan, that’s just fine.

“No one needs this amount of horsepower, but you know what? You can have it,” says Klinger.