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Grand Traverse County Businesses Take Advantage Of Cyber Monday Traffic

Promo Image: Grand Traverse County Businesses Take Advantage Of Cyber Monday Traffic

Millions of people spent Monday searching their screens, trying to snag the best Cyber Monday deals.

It’s not just big businesses who cash in.

Northern Michigan stores are racking up the sales as well.

9&10’s Taylor Jones visited some local retailers who take advantage of the Cyber Monday traffic.

“We have a really huge wine deal going on, of course were offering 30 percent off on all of our wines purchased on Cyber Monday only,” says Marie-Chantal Dalese, Chateau Chantal CEO.

Chateau Chantal, offered online bargains to kick off the holiday shopping season.

Local businesses like them, depend on Cyber Monday to carry them through the off season.

“The Christmas shopping season in general is important to us because as a seasonal business in northern Michigan, many of our tourist stay home this time of year and this is a great way for us to still be able to sell our great northern Michigan wines and ship it to them in a variety of states around the country,” says Dalese.

Cherry Republic in Traverse City, also tried to grab some of the estimated three billion dollars that was estimated to be spent on Monday.

Every few hours, their deals changed.

“This evening were running a special, all standard shipping is five dollars. Between six and eight, if you buy 100 dollars’ worth of product, we will send you a ten dollar gift card for your next purchase,” says Laura Ann Johnson, Cherry Republic Marketing Manager.

The store on Front Street says it’s important to stay competitive.

“I think Cyber Monday is just one piece of the Christmas puzzle for us. It’s just another way for us to get creative and reach out to our customers and kind of tell them about all the wonderful things we have, all the wonderful products we have, and kind of how special it is to give a piece of northern Michigan,” says Johnson.

Watching the results come in, both businesses say sales were up from last year.

“We’re kind of tracking the usage of our web code today for the cyber sale and we’ve got quite a number of orders already in and were packing them right now,” says Dalese.