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CMU Police and Students React to OSU Attack

A nightmare scenario on the campus of Ohio State University.

 Nine people recovering after a man purposely rammed students with a car then jumped out and began stabbing.

That attacker is dead

A campus officer shot and killed him.

 But not before he hurt nine people.

After Monday’s Ohio State attack, local college campuses are looking at what they’d do to keep students safe if a similar attack happened here.

The CMU Police Chief says his department of 22 officers is constantly talking to students about what do in these situations and they’re always training to respond to them.

Central Michigan University Police Chief Bill Yeagley says Monday’s attack at Ohio State University has again started the conversation about what can be done to improve safety on college campuses.

“When you take a look over the last 10 years, the types of locations these have occurred, there’s no pattern it’s every type of university or school. It’s a heavy weight and we take it seriously,” says Yeagley

His officers train at least once a year to respond to incidents on campus. This is video from an active shooter training last year.

The university made changes in recent years including more security cameras on campus and they’re installing locks on every classroom door that can be locked from the inside.

“Law enforcement across the United States and actually across the world have been looking at how to train and stop terrorist acts, school shootings and these types of terrible events.  After each event we learn something a little different or a little new and so then we will tweak our responses,” said Yeagley

Students say what happened at OSU is an unsettling reminder these types of attacks can happen anywhere.

“It just throws you off whenever you hear about it. It does happen. I think just the awareness and making sure people know this is possible and this is something that is real,” said student Evan Kennedy

The chief says in the next few days he’ll be looking at what happened at OSU to see what changes CMU might need to make to campus security. 

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