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Reed City Family Searches For Steve Darling

Promo Image: Reed City Family Searches For Steve Darling

A Northern Michigan family, spending their holiday searching for their missing loved one.

Steve Darling’s family has not stopped looking for him since he went missing on Tuesday.

Darling was last seen visiting his sister in Chase in Lake County.

"We just have no idea why all of a sudden he’s here one moment gone the next," said Latoya Reuther.

Steve Darling’s family is left with unanswered questions over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"It’s the unknown we don’t know what happened. We don’t know if he was out looking for a new hunting spot, if he was driving and there was some kind of accident, we are just unsure," Latoya said.

The 6’2", 200 pound Reed City man is still missing. He was last seen Tuesday afternoon visiting his sister in Chase.

"We did have a little Thanksgiving dinner, but it didn’t really feel like a normal Thanksgiving. We made up the fliers after we are we went out around Reed City and put them up," Latoya said.

Now fliers with Steve’s picture line bulletin boards in Reed City, Chase, Hawkins and Cadillac. Steve’s daughter says the last time she saw him he seemed happy.

"He just has a new grandson six weeks ago, just six weeks old and we are making plans for the future and everything else, now this," she said.

Sheriff departments in Osceola and Lake County combed areas looking for him. They are still working on the case, but right now they don’t have any leads. Local volunteers, giving up their time to look for Steve and his 2004 Chevy Silverado.

"After being out in the fire department it’s in my blood it’s what I do. And knowing the trails and stuff I feel like I can be a great help. Once you get it in your blood you want to do it," said Greg Shoemaker.

While his family just wants him to come home.

"Come home. If there was something bothering you, you said yourself family comes first," Latoya said.