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Politically Divided Family Sets Aside Their Differences For Thanksgiving

Promo Image: Politically Divided Family Sets Aside Their Differences For Thanksgiving

Our recent heated presidential election is still creating tense situations for some families and friends.

Despite the political climate, Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and most people won’t let that stop them from celebrating.

9&10’s Adora Namigadde spoke with a politically divided family that’s uniting for the holiday.

“We took it in stride most of the time, but there were times things got heated and they would leave, I mean literally just walk out because I’m so upset with you right now and we’re just not seeing eye to eye,” says Kitrena Hoogerhyde.

Kitrena Hoogerhyde is a Donald Trump supporter, and her mother, Robin Myers is a Hillary Clinton fan.

But they’re both passionate, so whenever politics come up, it doesn’t take long for them to get worked up. 

“She’s so strong about her point of view and I’m so strong about my point of view that it usually ends up turning into an argument,” says Kitrena’s mother, Robin Myers. “I think we get the most carried away and the rest of the family tries to calm us down.”

Thursday, 11 family members are getting together for Thanksgiving dinner, representing both sides of the political spectrum.

“I have a daughter who her fiancé and her are both Hillary. My other daughter and her fiancé are both Trump supporters,” says Hoogerhyde. “My brother and his wife, he’s a Hillary supporter but his wife is a Trump supporter.”

But they’re hoping to keep their political differences in check so they can stay in the spirit of the holiday.

“They’re gonna make laws and it’s gonna affect you, but I don’t want that to affect me and my family being close,” says Myers

 And focus on celebrating their family this Thanksgiving.

“When we get together there’s always a kiss, a hug and an I love you before we walk out the door with everybody,” says Myers.

“We’ve lost so many people that are very close to us. So you know, all this is just trivial because whether it’s Hillary or it’s Trump, it’s my family,” adds Hoogerhyde.