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No Charges Authorized in Grand Traverse Co. Dog Shooting Case

Promo Image: No Charges Authorized in Grand Traverse Co. Dog Shooting Case

The Grand Traverse County Prosecuting Attorney has decided no charges will be authorized in a case involving a man shooting his neighbor’s dog.

Earlier this month the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office was called to a home in Blair Township.

A man told deputies he had an ongoing problem with his neighbor’s dog coming onto his property.

He said the dog would try to attack him and his dog, and he shot the dog in self-defense.

The dog owner argued the man would torment his dog when she was outside.

But the prosecutor found no evidence to authorize charges.

Dog trainers say it’s important to follow leash rules so all people and animals stay safe.

“It’s happened many times where I’m working with a dog and I walk down the street and all of the sudden there’s three dogs running down the road after us. It could put those dogs in a stressful situation,” says Jason Folgmann, owner of Sit Means Sit Dog Training. “I don’t want to see another dog get hurt just because another dog’s off leash coming after him. You don’t know how they might react.”

In Traverse City, dogs have to be on a leash eight feet or less in length when not on their owner’s property.