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Michigan Appeals Court Calls 2014 Wolf Hunt Unconstitutional

A Michigan appeals court says a law that allowed the 2014 wolf hunt is unconstitutional.    

A three judge panel ruled unanimously Wednesday on the wolf hunt.

They say a provision in the law that allows free military hunting, fishing and trapping licenses isn’t connected to the law’s object giving scientific management of wildlife habitats.

The opinion is in favor of the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected group.

Now, the Department of Natural Resources is working to figure out what the decision means for them.

"We were just made aware of this decision," Department of Natural Resources public information officer Ed Golder said. "Obviously we’ll be looking closely at it to determine how it affects our regulatory authority and trying to determine what our next steps will be."

Gray wolves in Michigan have been on the endangered species list since 2014 when a federal court decided to add them back onto it.

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