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Local Bars, Breweries, and Taproom’s Busy Night Before Thanksgiving Day

Promo Image: Local Bars, Breweries, and Taproom’s Busy Night Before Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Eve is of the busiest times for many local bars and breweries.

They’re packed and hope people who come out make smart choices about how to get home.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood and photojournalist Harrison Light checked out the scene and local cab companies who were busy Wednesday night.

“It’s going to be a busy night,” says Doug Dornbos.

Bars, breweries and taprooms were bustling with people in Traverse City on Wednesday night.

“Having so many new places in town for people that haven’t been in town, just coming back to visit, they want to get to all those places,” says Paul Daulsalvatore, the general manager at Taproot Cider House in downtown Traverse City.

While many bars prepare for the hustle and bustle, Taproot Cider House is experiencing their first holiday bar night.

“Being our first year of operation we didn’t know what to expect. People kind of jump around here and there so we are probably going to be on their path at some point,” continues Daulsalvatore.

As many people have one last drink and begin to head home, cab companies say it’s visibility on the roads that is key.

“We want to make sure we are fully staffed to get them home and get them home safely. We’ll have as many cars as we can get out there. We’ll have a full complement of our fleet. It’ll be everything we can throw at it,” says Doug Dornbos, owner of Cherry Capital Cab Company.

Cab companies like Cherry Capital and Designated Rides say Thanksgiving Eve is the second busiest night of the year, behind New Year’s Eve. They hope by being in sight of bars people will choose to get a ride instead of driving home.

“All we can do is hope that the ease of getting a cab will make people make the right choice. We’ll just do our best tonight to be on time, on the spot and provide good service tonight,” concludes Dornbos.