Government Asks Smartphone Makers To Lock Out Apps While Driving

In a new move to reduce distracted driving crashes, the government wants smartphone makers to lock out most apps when the phone is being used by someone who is behind the wheel.

The voluntary guidelines were unveiled Wednesday.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also wants automakers to make info-tainment systems easy to pair with smartphones.

Traffic deaths spiked 10.4 percent in the first six months of this year.

That followed a 7.2 percent increase in 2015.

As it turns out, 10 percent of all deadly crashes last year involved distracted drivers.

Drivers could still make calls, but the phones and automaker systems would lock out the ability to enter text.

It would also lock out internet browsing, video not related to driving and text from books and photos.

Navigation systems would be allowed.

You can learn more about the effort to stop distracted driving here.