Gov. Snyder Signs New Laws Expanding Private College, Detroit Airport Police Boundaries

The boundaries for police at private colleges in Michigan and at Detroit Metro Airport have been expanded thanks to new measures signed by Governor Rick Snyder.

Governor Snyder signed a bill on Tuesday that would expand the powers of police working at private colleges in Michigan if they are properly licensed and have approval from local law enforcement.

The new law would allow private college officers to make arrests beyond college property.

The legislation was written after the University of Detroit Mercy wanted their officers to patrol areas around campus, like Wayne State University.

Another bill signed by the governor on Tuesday allows police officers at Detroit Metro Airport to exercise their powers outside of airport boundaries.

The new law aims to address people pointing lasers at planes taking off and landing, as well as the increase of drones near airports.

The lasers are often used outside airport property but pointed at planes in protected airspace.

Supporters say airport police need help catching the violators.