New Details In Lake County Attempted Murder-Suicide Investigation

We are learning more about a deadly shooting in Lake County.

It happened around 11 Friday night in Elk Township.

One man is dead, and another is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department says it started when two men got into an argument while drinking.

The sheriff’s office says 35-year-old John Macleod went outside during the argument. When he came back inside, the sheriff’s office says 71-year-old William Zaluga shot Macleod in the face before turning the gun on himself.

Deputies say a woman was also at the house, but was not injured.

Zaluga died, and Macleod was taken to the hospital.

The sheriff’s office says Macleod is expected to make a full recovery.

No one is expected to be charged in the attempted murder-suicide.