Munson Prepares to Put Ear Healthcare Program Back on the Road

A more than 300 thousand dollar gift is putting Munson’s Ear Healthcare Program back on the road.

After the previous mobile hearing clinic racked up more than 300 thousand miles, Munson knew it was time for an upgrade.

That’s when the Carl’s Foundation stepped in, donating $314,000 to build a mobile clinic from the ground up.

The hearing clinic can see up to four patients at once.

It will be used to test students and factory workers across Northern Michigan.

The Carl’s Foundation has donated more than four million dollars to Munson Healthcare.

“It’s been over a year in planning. We have some old mobile hearing clinics that have needed to be replaced. We’ve known for a while that we needed to get a new piece of equipment. This is essentially a fully functioning clinic on wheels,” says Munson’s Director of Outpatient Services, Nick Erikson.

Munson Healthcare says they’re looking forward to getting all the necessary equipment into the mobile clinic, so that it is all set to hit the road as soon as possible.