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Missaukee County Sheriff Explains Danger Of Domestic Violence Complaints

Promo Image: Missaukee County Sheriff Explains Danger Of Domestic Violence Complaints

Domestic disputes are some of the most dangerous calls they get. 
Because of the emotions involved a lot goes in to how police handle them. 

 Police describe situations like that one as emotionally charged, and often, dangerous. 

"It’s just a perfect situation for things to go wrong for people to make decisions that will impact them for the rest of their lives in a negative way," said Sheriff Jim Bosscher.

It’s a call that comes several times a week at the Missaukee County Sheriff’s Department, one they never send a deputy to alone. 

"Emotions are running so high right then that people aren’t thinking logically. They are mad, they are angry and everyone is a little different there’s always different dynamics, a lot of times alcohol or drugs may be involved," he said. 

Training begins in the academy, but Sheriff Jim Bosscher makes sure his deputies know how to respond to the calls he says are the most dangerous.  

"A lot of the injuries and deaths of police officers do occur at domestics and scenes within the homes like that and unfortunately some of the shootings occur where the suspect might be shot because they are a danger," he said.

Oasis Family Resource Center in Cadillac helps the victims of these dangerous crimes. 

"Domestic violence is one of the most under reported crimes that we see a lot of the time they are scared to call," said Shawna Shelton.

Shawna Shelton tells us most of the time calls to police come from a family member or neighbor, not the victim.  

"There’s a number of things that come into affect when it comes to action to calling 911 they’re worried about the children, they don’t want him to go to jail they just want him to stop," she said. 

Shawna says people who commit these crimes also typically have narcissistic personality traits and believe they are above the law adding to the danger for police.