Benzie County Board of Commissioners Votes To Move Patients To Maples Medical Care Facility

A new medical care facility that has sat empty for more than two years may finally see occupancy.

Tuesday morning, the Benzie County Board of Commissioners met to continue their discussion on the new Maples Medical Care Facility in Frankfort.

The building was supposed to open in September 2014, but when inspections were on scene in early 2015, the roof was found to be not up to code.

Since then, a number of changes have been made to get it to code.

This fall, the county received a license of operate from the state after they did another inspection, stating the building was safe for patients to move in to.

Tuesday morning the Benzie County Board of Commissioners voted to move people into the new building.

However, taxpayers in Benzie County are concerned for the future. They fear when the next inspection comes, problems will be brought up and the patients may have to be moved out for parts of the building to be fixed. They say that can cause distress on the elderly patients.

The board of commissioners says they will be working out the final details with the Department of Health and Human Services and would hope to have people moved in to the building in the next two months.