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Kalkaska County Road Crews Continue Battling Icy Road Conditions

Promo Image: Kalkaska County Road Crews Continue Battling Icy Road Conditions

The snow may have stopped falling, but that doesn’t mean the roads everywhere are dry and clear.

Kalkaska County saw 10 inches of snow over the weekend.               

The icy road conditions kept road crews out today and closed schools.

The road commission says they have 10 crews out today making sure those roads get cleared.

Kalkaska county road crews have been out since Saturday clearing roads.

Manager John Rogers says, “We kept crews on our main roads trying to keep them clear so the back roads, the secondary roads we did not spend a lot of time and effort towards.”

Leaving some roads extra icy and local drivers extra cautious.

Ron Sebright lives in Kalkaska and says, “When we first started out on Fletcher it was very icy, the side roads became very icy, but Supply Road and main roads were pretty decent. The icy ones you would have to go really slow down and watch it at stop signs and stuff so you wouldn’t slide through.”

With ice built up to three inches on some roads Monday, crews put down more sand and salt, letting it work its magic and peeling off the ice that’s left.

Rogers says, “Saturday when the snow hit and the temperature of the asphalt and the ground did not have an opportunity to come down to match the temperature of the air so when the snow hit it immediately started turning to water and then the temperature dropped it turned to ice.”

They just ask drivers to be patient with their road crews as they get the job done.