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Clare Woman Makes Remarkable Recovery From Hemorrhage

A Clare woman is thankful for community support after coming very close to dying.

Over Halloween weekend Sarah Walton had a brain hemorrhage.

The cause is still unknown.

Now she’s getting her speech back and is recovering at an astonishing pace.

"It’s crazy that God could talk to him because he came home and found me," Sarah said.

Over Halloween weekend Sarah Walton’s fiance Zack Block had a gut feeling he needed to come home from hunting. That’s where he found a disoriented Sarah. Barely able to talk he rushed her to the hospital, there they found a hemorrhage.

"They told my family that I might not make it and I only had a 10% chance to live," she said.

Sarah then got flown to U of M. Her family and fiance tried to stay positive.

"if God wanted to take her there’s no way I would have gotten out of my stand or gotten home there’s a reason all his stuff happened," Zack said.

Sarah had surgery to repair the hemorrhage. Just a couple hours later she got out of bed.

"I think I did better when I wasn’t thinking about the pain I didn’t want to be a whiner I just wanted to stay busy," she said.

Meanwhile local businesses like Cops and Donuts and the community raised more than $15,000 for her all using #sarahstrong.

"She came and paid us a visit here just a couple days after getting back her mother said the first thing she wanted to do was come here and then go to Heart of Michigan," Alan White said.

Now Sarah is getting better every day and cant wait to get her life back.

"I’m so happy and appreciative that get to marry him and I’m so excited for my journey, for nursing, and I appreciate it so much more," she said.

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