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Big Rapids Woman Scared After Prowler Looks Through Window

A woman, now terrified in her own home after she caught someone looking at her through the window.

But this isn’t the only case, another person in Big Rapids reported seeing the same thing the same night.

Someone was looking at them through the downstairs window.

Big Rapids police say the two prowler reports are related.

One happened on South Warren Avenue and one on Escott Street.

McKenzie Piper was just getting home late Thursday night after work, she planned to get ready for bed, but she didn’t plan on losing sleep that night.

“I wanted to shower and was going to bed and I was obviously naked in my room. I was looking for clothes to wear because I didn’t lay stuff out, so I bent over and saw this flash and I went over, and my blinds were open. I looked closer and there was a phone,” says Piper.

McKenzie Piper realized it was a person looking at her, holding their iPhone flashlight to the window.

A second later, the prowler ran away

“I was really freaked out and I was scared to be here by myself. I called my sister and I called the cops, talked to them and they said they had numerous officers scanning the area,” says Piper.

It all happened late last Thursday night.

Its left McKenzie frightened to be in her own home and neighborhood.

“I was just really freaked out throughout the night, even now. I have a blanket over my window. I’m scared to be outside alone or home alone. I carry pepper spray with me now. My mom told me just make sure I’m never completely alone,” says Piper.

But this wasn’t the only report police got that night

Someone was shining a light in a downstairs window at a home a few streets away. Now many people are doing more to keep themselves and their families safe.

“We don’t always lock our door when we are in a hurry, so I feel like now I’m going to start locking the door all the time because that’s really scary,” says Raquel Lopez, neighbor.

Police say the two cases are related, and say they’re still investigating.


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