Kalkaska Reacts To Ten Inches Of Snow

Many people in northern Michigan saw the snow falling this weekend.   

Some places saw as much as ten inches.

9&10’s Taylor Jones checked in with people in Kalkaska to see how they’re handling the first big snow of the season.

“I am out here shoveling away, trying to enjoy the winter,” says Cheri Warchock, Kalkaska resident.

That’s what many people in Kalkaska were doing after the first snow storm of the season blanketed the area with ten inches of snow.

“Well it was quite amazing when you go from 60 degrees one day to walking out and seeing all of this snow. I thought we were only going to get four to eight inches, but I think we got a lot more than that by looking at my deck,” says Warchock.

Whether people were ready or not, it was time to officially break out the shovels and snow blowers, just days after some parts of northern Michigan saw record high temperatures.

“I think its nuts how it went from being that hot to all this snow on the ground. It’s ridiculous, it’s extraordinary for sure,” says Nate Wilson, Kalkaska resident.

Some say snow had come earlier in the past.

“Usually we will have snow at Halloween up here. Usually opening day, there is some snow on the ground,” says Kollyn Wilson, Kalkaska resident.

The first snow of the season did get its usual mixed reaction.

“Snowmobiling and snowboarding, some activities that are fun during the winter,” says Nate Wilson.

But some prefer no snow at all.

“I don’t like the snow because I like to get out and walk and this is not ideal walking weather,” says Warchock.

After a long morning of shoveling and snow blowing, many were just happy to get inside their warm homes.

“I’m probably going to go inside and have some hot chocolate,” says Kollyn Wilson.