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Lake County Deputies Investigating Deadly Shooting

Promo Image: Lake County Deputies Investigating Deadly Shooting

A man is dead and another man in the hospital after a shooting Friday night in Lake County.

The sheriff’s department says it happened Friday night around 11 in Elk Township, just north of Irons.

They aren’t releasing many details about what happened, but we do know when deputies got there one man was dead and another one was hurt and had to be taken to the hospital in Grand Rapids.

“Were concerned that things like that happen in this area,” says Chad Muszynski, Irons business owner.

The investigation by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department centers around a home just north of Irons. They got a call Friday night around 11 that someone had been shot in the face.

“Officers responded, once arriving on scene, they found one injured and one that had also suffered a fatal gunshot wound, so we had two victims in this,” says Undersheriff Don Maiville.

The Lake County Undersheriff says the man with the gunshot wound in the face was taken to a Grand Rapids hospital. Word about what happened, quickly spread through the community.

"I had heard that somebody had gotten shot and killed and another one injured. That’s all I had heard, it’s kind of freaky and scary that that happened just down the road. I hope they can figure out what happened and get to the bottom of it,” says Muszynski.

Several deputies and the Michigan State Police Crime Lab spent the day at the home investigating, but the Undersheriff says piecing together what happened, will take time.

“Something like this is always a shock, it’s an unfortunate part of the job. We have a long couple of days ahead of us sorting all of this out, a lot of interviews to do, and it’s just going to be a lengthy process to piece everything back together,” says Maiville.

Stay with us on air and online as we work to bring you more details on the investigation.