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USCG Air Station Traverse City Ready to Respond as Winter Weather Approaches

Severe weather along Lake Superior has crews at U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City on standby.

The Air Station says they are always on alert when weather like this is in the forecast.

Bad weather makes their job more challenging and puts them at a greater risk trying to save people.

They say even though the big waves might look cool, you need to stay back if you’re trying to take a picture.

“This year we’ve had a high amount of foul-water related deaths,” says Lt. Katie Pelkey, USCG Air Station Traverse City. “People go out on a jetty or break wall to take a picture and they’re not paying attention and then all of the sudden a big wave comes and rips them off there and puts them in the water. We’ve responded to a lot of those cases this year.”

The Coast Guard also says it’s important to anchor any boats that might still be out in the water in a safe place.

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