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Evart Reads Launches Free Little Libraries in Town

Promo Image: Evart Reads Launches Free Little Libraries in Town

A new organization in Evart wants to make reading more accessible to people of all ages.

"Evart Reads" is kicking off the free little library movement in town.

Evart Reads a collaboration between Evart Public Schools, the City of Evart, and the Mecosta-Osceola Intermediate School District.

The first of 10 free little libraries just went up by the Evart Depot.

The libraries are being built by Evart’s middle and high school students.

“You can look through the library, pick out a book to take home, read it and bring it back either to this little library, another little library, share with a friend,” said Early Literacy Coordinator Jenny Rounds. “People also hopefully bring additional books. We want a catalyst for community sharing of books.”

Nine more libraries will be popping up throughout Evart during the rest of the school year.