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Cadillac Tire Helps Get Vehicles Ready For Snow

Promo Image: Cadillac Tire Helps Get Vehicles Ready For Snow

Those of us that have spent time in the snow know how important it is to make sure you and your car are ready. 

Thursday, Cadillac Tire was extremely busy with people trying to prepare for the inevitable.

Thursday afternoon it was a packed garage, with non-stop activity.

They expect to change up the tires on 55 cars Thursday.

The design helps drivers get better traction on snow or ice.

While many customers haven’t encountered significant snow yet this season, they know it’s not far away.

 “You’re probably not going to get around. Two, you’re going to slip and slide, cause accidents. Just a lot of unsafe things can happen when you don’t have good tires. Gives you a real sense of safety and security if you have good tires,” explains Steve Anderson, Cadillac Tire.

The sooner, the better to get your vehicle in.

A lot of the time, stores run out of supply, leaving procrastinators waiting to update those wheels.