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Hunters Can Donate Game to Help Families in Need Get Venison

Promo Image: Hunters Can Donate Game to Help Families in Need Get Venison

Along with hunting season comes venison — a favorite meat in Northern Michigan.

A big buck comes with a lot of meat — so a statewide program encourages you donate some of your game to hungry families in need.

This program helps families in need get a share of fresh deer meat.

And it’s the generosity of hunters that makes it possible.

“It’s just a good cause if you don’t like venison very much, to give to someone that can use it and does like it,” Bunting’s Cedar Market Store Manager Bill Bailey said.

Hunting has become more of a sport than a necessity in modern times, but there are still plenty of people who can’t always put food on the table.

That’s where Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger step in.

“We process it for free, package it, put it in our freezer and then we call and they come pick it up.”

Bunting’s Cedar Market has been involved for about 20 years.

They process about 10 donated deer a year.

Hunters just have to bring in the game they’d like to donate.

“This time of year being deer season a lot of people might say I’ve got that second or third deer. Maybe they just don’t have the room or ability to eat all that meat. They can certainly donate it,” said Katie Keen, a wildlife technician with the DNR.

Families that go to local food banks could use the donations, and every bit helps. For example, one deer can make about 125 meals.

“You probably get 50 to 60 pounds of, because we only make it into burger, 50-60 pounds of burger each year. That’s quite a bit of venison,” Bailey said.

So whether you’re hunting for food or just for fun, this is an opportunity to provide families in need with a hearty, healthy meal.

“It’s also good for the deer hunters so they can still get out there for the game and they don’t waste, and it definitely goes to use.”

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