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DNR Giving Traverse City Township 40 Acre Property

Promo Image: DNR Giving Traverse City Township 40 Acre Property

Grand Traverse Commons Natural Area is expanding 40 acres all thanks to the DNR.

The property sits right behind Copper Ridge in Traverse City and already connects to trails in the commons.

It was originally state hospital property.

When that was sold the state continued to own the 40 acres because the state police and DNR’s radio towers were on the land, but since the system has changed the area has been open for recreational use.

Now the DNR believes it could be put into even better use under Garfield Township ownership.

Unit Manager for DNR Traverse City Office David Lemmien says, “They can expand their trail system and they can expand their recreational plan and development for that area whereas the DNR, it was an isolated 40 acre parcel so it doesn’t connect to any of our state ownership, thus very difficult for us to manage.”

The change in ownership isn’t finalized until the DNR’s first meeting next year.