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Cadillac City Police Officer Saves Drug Overdose Victim’s Life

Promo Image: Cadillac City Police Officer Saves Drug Overdose Victim’s Life

"My job out here is to preserve life, no matter who it is."

The fast actions of a Cadillac City Police officer brought a man back from the brink.

That man is now recovering from a drug overdose.

Northern Michigan’s News Leader was nearby when the call came in.

A man was found unconscious in his parked car in Cadillac’s Kenwood Park.

Officer Jeff Rork was also nearby.

He says when he got to the scene, the man was struggling to stay alive.

“Unfortunately, you see it too many times and all the pieces were there," Rork says. "He was unresponsive, barely breathing. It was pretty grim.”

He immediately went into action.

“I gave him a shot to the leg," Rork says. "I could feel his heart rate picking up a little bit, but he still wasn’t waking up. I had to hit him a second time and within a minute or two, he was awake.”

Officer Rork used the overdose reversal drug, Naloxone.

"It saves lives," Rork says. "It’s unfortunate that people have addictions or these demons, but that’s why we are here, is to preserve and try to save as many lives as we can, no matter who they are or what they do."

He says this is one of several opioid overdoses in the city just this week.

The man went to the hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

“I’m a police officer," Rork says. "I’m just doing my job. That’s all.”