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Leelanau County Man Killed In Minivan, Semi-Truck Crash

Promo Image: Leelanau County Man Killed In Minivan, Semi-Truck Crash

A crash involving a minivan and a semi-truck killed a Leelanau County man Tuesday morning.    

State police have not identified the driver, but they say 63-year-old William Hauxwell from Maple City was alone in the van and died instantly.

The crash happened at the intersection of M-72 and Maple City Highway in Leelanau County around 7 Tuesday morning.

Hauxwell was on Maple City Highway when he didn’t stop at a stop sign.

The semi on M-72 hit him.

Investigators believe fog played a big role.

Locals say the busy intersection is already dangerous and say the fog can only make it worse.

Janet Blake says, “Just makes it worse and also in the winter time when you get snow storms and things like this, this intersection is a blind intersection as far as that goes with the fields and everything around you can go right past it.”

State police remind drivers that they should slow down in foggy conditions and leave room between the cars in front of you.