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Cat Found Wrapped In Duct Tape Is Recovering Faster Than Expected

Promo Image: Cat Found Wrapped In Duct Tape Is Recovering Faster Than Expected

“We take these kind of cases very, very seriously,” says Grand Traverse County Animal Control Officer, Deb Zerafa.

Deputies are trying to track down a person who wrapped a cat in duct tape.

The animal, now in stable condition, wasn’t expected to survive at first.

Someone called Grand Traverse County Animal Control Monday afternoon when they spotted what they thought was a dead animal in their backyard.

Animal Control found a cat: alive, but very sick. It was wrapped in layers of duct tape.

9 and 10’s Megan Atwood spoke with the vet about the case and the cat’s recovery.

“I could tell that the cat was very close to death. I drove very, very quickly to the grand traverse veterinary clinic and went in and said I need help now and a flurry of activity came from the back,” says Grand Traverse County Animal Control Officer, Deb Zerafa.

Quick actions likely saved this cat. It was found with layers of duct tape around its body.

“He was duct taped all around his head and his neck, his two front paws were duct taped together. His back feet were duct taped,” says Dr. Jane Alexander, a veterinarian.

Dr. Alexander at the Grand Traverse Veterinary Hospital says it’s a miracle the cat, nicknamed Ronnie, made it through the night. She thinks he was duct taped for nearly three days. He was bleeding and had infections on his chest, neck and feet, along with a tumor on his left ear. But she says Ronnie has made an incredible recovery in just the past twenty four hours, since being brought into the hospital Monday afternoon.

“I’m thrilled. He just is like a different cat. He was just a bag of bones yesterday and we didn’t think he would pull through but he is purring, non-stop purring,” continues Dr. Alexander.

The Grand Traverse Health Department and Animal Control say they take cases like these very seriously and have passed the investigation over to sheriff’s deputies.

“This is hopefully a very rare event, a very rare occurrence that would happen in our community,” Animal Control Officer Deb Zerafa goes on to say, of the incident.

Once Ronnie is back in good health, he’ll be taken to Cherryland Humane Society where he’ll wait for a family to adopt him.

“Hopefully everything will work out where the animal can come here and down the road be adopted,” says Heidi Yates, Cherryland Humane Society Executive Director. “You just don’t understand how someone could do something to an innocent creature like that,” she concludes.

The Grand Traverse Veterinary Clinic will continue to care for Ronnie. They say he’ll need extensive surgery on the tumor on his left ear. But, until he is in a better health condition, he is not a candidate for surgery to remove the tumor.