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Traverse City Police Officer Resigns Amid Confederate Flag Controversy

Promo Image: Traverse City Police Officer Resigns Amid Confederate Flag Controversy

A Traverse City police officer resigned Monday night after being seen with a confederate flag at a "Love Trumps Hate" protest.

It all happened Friday at the Open Space in Traverse City.

Pictures show off-duty officer Michael Peters pulled up to the Open Space, with his truck displaying a confederate flag and drinking a beer.

While the department says it’s not against the law to show the flag, it was a bad choice.

The department is still investigating, to determine whether the officer actually committed a crime.

Drinking is allowed at the Open Space, but the department is looking into whether the spot where Peters was drinking may have violated the law.

He was put on administrative leave while the department began its investigation.

But around 6pm Monday evening, Peters resigned.

9&10’s Megan Atwood is at the Traverse City police station with more on the resignation.

Chief O’Brien says he spoke with Officer Michael Peters early Monday morning and the possibility of resigning came up in their conversation.

The chief says he believes the resignation was an act of sincerity on Peters’ behalf.

Monday evening at 6pm, Officer Peters met with TCPD, the city manager and city attorney.

During that meeting Peters resigned his position as an officer with TCPD.

Chief O’Brien says this has been an emotional situation for the police department and the community.

“He did state to us that he felt this was in the best interest of the community and he also stated that it was in the best interest of the police department,” says TCPD Police Chief Jeffrey O’Brien. “And he apologized for, his quote, putting a stain on the city and the department,”

The police department says they’ve gotten a lot of emails from the community about this incident.

Chief O’Brien says they’ll continue with their investigation on Peters to see if he violated any laws.