Traverse City Police Officer On Paid Leave, Accused of Displaying Confederate Flag At Protest

A Traverse City police officer is now on paid administrative leave.

He’s accused of displaying a Confederate flag at a ‘Love Trumps Hate’ protest Friday at the Open Space.

Witnesses say drinking was also involved.

The police chief says the off-duty officer, Michael Peters is an 18 year department veteran.

Now there will be a criminal investigation into his actions.

They will also launch an internal investigation to make sure Officer Peters didn’t violate department policy and procedures.

The chief mentioned that at one point Officer Peters has brought a Confederate flag onto city property before this incident.

Mayor Jim Carruthers says it’s important for the community not to be anxious one way or another and be patient for thorough results.

“It’s not something we value, it’s not something we accept, but we have a legal contract that we have to follow in this process so please  be patient, be mindful that our staff and our police department is doing everything they can and figure this out and come to a conclusion for everybody,” says Mayor Carruthers.

The investigative team is still looking for witnesses, so if you do have any information call the Traverse City Police Department.

We’ll have the latest on the investigation into this incident on air and online.