Northern Michigan Businesses, Hunters Prepare For Opening Day

With opening day of firearm deer hunting season in just a few hours, many hunters used Monday night to make a last minute run for supplies.

In Northern Michigan firearm, season is practically holiday.

Many schools even take the day off.

Hunting supply stores say they’ve been busy all weekend long, continuing into Monday.

Jack’s Sport Shop in Kalkaska says they’ve been on their toes, constantly re-stocking shelves and helping customers pick out gear.

Many need ammo, protective gear, and even last minute licenses.

“A lot of people are coming here with deer camps and that kind of stuff coming to get their supplies for it and we’ve pretty much been waiting for this all year,” says Mitchell Russell of Jack’s Sport Shop.

The economic impact on Northern Michigan is huge.

More than a half a million hunters are expected to spend $2.3 billion.