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Cadillac High School Honors Veterans

Promo Image: Cadillac High School Honors Veterans

Veterans in Northern Michigan also being honored for all of their sacrifices.

Cadillac High School is a big part of that tradition.

The school’s been doing this for nearly half a century, and the stadium was packed Friday morning, all to say thank you to veterans.

"The call goes on and the cost of freedom will continue to rise," said Jerry Benson.

That cost continuously paid every day by millions of Americans with scars you can’t always see.

"Stand tall you don’t have to look down on anyone. You did a great job you sacrificed and as typical veterans you’re usually pretty quiet with what you did. And you hold in a lot," said Jerry Benson.

Those wounds and the people who dedicated their lives to our country recognized by students from Cadillac High School.

"For the community itself it brings to their eyes what the real cost of freedom is when you see what theses kids do and the names they read and the respect they show I think it’s really heartwarming," Jerry said.

During a special ceremony put together by the senior class.

"To remember those who have fallen and to reach out and appreciate those who have made it back but are still scarred," said Michael Gussert.

In front of hundreds of community members, students, and even newly enlisted military members.

"That could be me when I come back to this assembly and having everyone appreciating me and respecting me for everything I’ve done for our country," said Nick Meier.

All to say, on Veterans Day, we salute you.

"May God bless America. The home of the free and the land of the brave," Jerry said.

The next class of seniors will organize next year’s assembly.